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Saving the Guinea Hogs now available in Three Formats


Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Breed by Cathy R. Payne, is now available in E-book, softcover, and hardcover editions. I am considering adding an audio book and a large print edition at some point in the future. Leave a comment if you prefer one or both of those options.

The book tells the story of the Guinea Hog — a small, black, hairy, sturdy, and gentle breed kept in the southeastern United States prior to the Civil War. It is part of America’s cultural history, but its history was all but lost because those who remember the hogs had not left a paper trail or shared their collective memories. Cathy retraces first person accounts from the 1940s to 2019 in this narrative history.

Where can I get my Books?

The E-book edition is available until early June exclusively at and will continue to be available there. By the first of July you should begin to see it in other venues such as the web store at, Barns & Noble online, and other sellers.

The softcover edition is available at on its web store. There is a coupon code in the ebook for a 20% off coupon for purchases at this website only. Sales made at offer the highest compensation for the author but may be less convenient for the consumer. Since I will be shipping these from my stock, I can autograph your book and include a personal message upon request.

Amazon is also carrying the softcover book and lists other distributors for the book that are not Amazon.

The hardcover edition will take a few weeks to reach either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It may reach Acres, USA first. You can check with them here: It is also going to be available from The Livestock Conservancy online store and the Mother Earth News bookstore, Ogden Publishing. However, RIGHT NOW it is available at If you have that 20% coupon code from the E-Book, you can use it for your hardcover. I can autograph and personalize a message for you on request. Again, this method of purchase will yield the highest income opportunity for the author.

Once you read any version of the book, I would greatly appreciate an online review. This will cue the distribution centers regarding promotion, keeping books in stock, and so forth. Also any sharing and recommendations on social media will get the word out. May 19-25th is International Heritage Breeds Week, as designated by The Livestock Conservancy. Please spread the word about biodiversity and the value of heritage livestock breeds. Thank you!

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