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Guinea Hog Books and More!

Please check out our extended store here! On this site you can purchase Saving the Guinea Hogs in all three formats – ebook, softcover, and hardcover, fulfilled by the printer and delivered economically to your door. Autographed books are not an option here. But wait, there’s more!

I’ve assembled a collection of books that I think my readers will find interesting. Topics include livestock, regenerative agriculture, cooking, health, homesteading, fermenting, foraging, ecology, biodynamics, and more. I will be adding new books from time to time. I will get a small fee every time you buy a title.

Proceeds from sales will go toward paying for this website, its upkeep, Mailchimp, book research, and publishing costs for my next book. I’ve been back and forth for a while about which book to write next. However, I believe it will be (working title) The Homesteader’s Guide to Buying and Selling Heritage Breed Livestock. It will cover the pros and cons of keeping rare breeds, setting goals for your project, things to plan in advance, choosing a seller, quarantine protocol, and more on the buyer’s side. For sellers, I will discuss record keeping, selection, planning ahead, social media marketing, vetting your buyers, developing your reputation, registering your animals, and helping customers find you.

Check out the Extended Store Here

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