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Dear Readers,

I have a podcast coming up that is going to be a somewhat different format on TheAuthorsShow.com Podcast. Look for my name and the book title to hear the recording. It is a short but in-depth conversation about Saving the Guinea Hogs, to be broadcast for 24 hours on October 1 only. I can get rights to post the mp3 on my website for a fee, but I’m waiting until I listen to the show to make the decision to send in payment. I’ll update you if that happens.

So check it out next Tuesday, and share this with any interested friends to listen, as well. It should be a good discussion about one of your favorite topics!

In the meantime, you can listen to episode 69 of Mother Earth News and Friends Podcast, where Jeannette Beranger and I discuss Heritage Pigs, including the Guinea Hog. Please share on social media. This one isn’t going anywhere. Also, consider subscribing to Pastured Pig Podcast. Episode 17 is an interview with Grace Ruiz in Oregon, talking about Guinea Hogs. I recently recorded an episode with host Troy McLung that is likely to air October 30. He tries to post a show every Wednesday. Our conversation was briefly about the book, but I really wanted to focus on the importance of preserving heritage breeds, joining a pig registry or association, and learning about the pedigrees and bloodlines in the heritage breed of your choice.

Don’t forget to help get out the good word by leaving an online review for Saving the Guinea Hogs. Potential readers look for verification, and an author cannot have too many. For a listing of all the podcasts, articles, and videos surrounding Saving the Guinea Hogs you can always go to my website and click on the In the News section.

Thanks for reading!

Cathy R. Payne

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