Almost Heaven Spruce Knob 9177

Spruce Knob, age 9 months, on pasture.

Almost Heaven Spruce Knob was born November 9, 2018 and recently transferred to Jason Berk of Berk Farm in Normantown, West Virginia. This boar’s call name is Roman, or “Rome.” He has an interesting pedigree from original bloodlines including Setty, Biggers, and Baylis plus Genetic Recovery lines of Maveric and Sumrall influence. I have met or spoken to all but four of the breeders on this pedigree and can attest to their diligence in regard to selecting stock from their litters that are structurally sound with good dispositions.

The young Roman is looking for a mate. If any of you know of a good match for him, contact Jason Berk by messaging him on Facebook or send a note to Cathy at I will get him to contact you. In the meantime, Rome will be hanging out with his buddies, or “bodyguards,” that are German Shepherd Dogs.