BRP Sonny Boy Williamson

BRP Sonny Boy Williamson, one year old AGHA 7966

Sonny Boy Williamson was deliberately linebred by Cathy R. Payne of Broad River Pastures to increase genetics contributed by Biggers Arthur. His inbreeding coefficient is 36.5% and the coefficient of relationship to Biggers Arthur is 25%. Even though Biggers Arthur does not show up in Sonny Boy’s pedigree (he is a great great grandparent), he contributes as much genetic information as a grandparent would, due to inbreeding on both sides of his pedigree for three generations. He was produced by breeding a son of LSF Bess to his dam, LSF Bess. Subsequently, Sonny Boy’s littermates, sire, and dam were butchered so as not to repeat this level of inbreeding in the future. Cathy’s goal was to both preserve the Biggers line and to have a boar to linecross with the Sumrall lines she was working with.

BRP Sonny Boy Williamson 15 months

BRP Sonny Boy Williamson has a curly coat inherited from dam LSF Bess, sire and half-sibling BRP Gershwin, and grandsire/great grandsire VAZ John Henry. I have no knowledge of the coat characteristics of John Henry’s parents who were Brothers Berkley (Arnold) and Maveric Beverly (Abby). Beverly was owned by Maveric Heritage Ranch but actually bred by Stephen and Hollie Brothers.

Sonny Boy had a unique tail compared to all Guinea Hogs Cathy has ever observed- instead of a single curl in his tail, it is more of a double curl. His tail has a high set point, as well. Sonny Boy wags it vigorously like a young lamb. He also sheds his heavy coat during the summer, as his dam did. He has a very easy-going disposition. He is easy to manage and friendly. For a three month period he was overfed by his caretakers and became obese. He is currently living in Georgia with Shannon Englehardt at Sleepy Homestead along with his mate, Yokeley’s Summer Thyme.