Hesters PA Fiona

Hesters Fiona, born 05/01/2015, was born in 2015 at Hesters Farm Log Homes in Indiana, bred by Annette Hesters. She was registered by the AGHA with the number GR046 as part of the Genetic Recovery program of the AGHA. She is owned by Becky Mahoney of Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead in Indiana. This picture was taken just after her fifth birthday. Fiona weighs between 130 and 140 pounds. She is the product of thirty-three years of close linebreeding by Mrs. Hesters, who has bred them since 1987. Annette likes livestock on the small side, and at that time in the breed’s history the “big-boned” bloodlines had widely disappeared, and the official breed description states that full adult American Guinea Hogs range from 150 to 300 pounds. Don Oberdorfer of Dodge Nature Center wrote that “Guineas top out at 200 lbs” in an article, “In Praise of Guinea Hogs,” published in the Small Farmer’s Journal in 2005.

The Guinea Hog Association, a recordation organization in the early 1990s, defined the breed’s desirable weight was 60 to 120 pounds. Weight of over 120 or under 60 pounds was considered “acceptable but not ideal.” Weight “over 200 pounds or under 40 pounds” was considered unacceptable for the purposes of recordation.

Fiona is solid black with a nice shape and forward-facing ears. She is part of Becky’s herd and kept as primary stock because of her fertility and temperament.


Hesters PA Fiona, age 5 years