Sumrall MS DuBose GR020

Sumrall MS DuBose age two years in foreground, pacing near BRP Sonny Boy Williamson, age one year, in back.

Sumrall MS DuBose GRO20 was the last boar bred by and selected for breeding by Gary Sumrall, a 3rd generation breeder in Mississippi. He is an outstanding boar in regards to conformation, breeding, and temperament. I picked him up from the Sumrall family farm in Laurel Mississippi before he was two months old and brought him to Broad River Pastures in Elberton. Gary passed away a few weeks later. DuBose was added to the registry through the Genetic Recovery program of the AGHA in November, 2017.

In regard to conformation, DuBose exhibited characteristics at a very young age that indicated to Gary that he was similar to the type Gary’s father bred in the early 20th century. Gary inherited that herd but lost it after Hurricane Katrina, with the exception of 3 older sows. They moved to Maveric Heritage Ranch in South Dakota and were tended by Arie McFarlen. Only Sumrall Bobbie Sue ever farrowed again, and from her Arie saved one boar, Maveric Charles SM3, to carry the Sumrall line forward. Descendents were returned to Gary in 2013. He has a very pronounced barrel shape that includes round shoulders, round hams, and round belly. He grew faster than my previous litters had grown, and the muscling and shape in those piglets were evident from the day they were born. Gary reported that his father’s line was very thrifty on pasture.

This boar’s temperement is even and calm. He takes everything in stride and is never belligerent. Although I always am cautiously careful around my male livestock, I never had a moment’s worry from this gentle giant. When we drew blood from his neck as required for transport to North Carolina, he did not scream a bit. He served his girls well and never pestered them. He was purchased by Jessica Creighton in April, 2018 and is now on Freer Prospects Farm in Roxboro, N.C.


Sumrall MS DuBose GR020 Pedigree

Sumrall MS DuBose GR020 age 2 years


Sumrall MS DuBose GR020  2.0 years

Sumrall MS DuBose age 2 years

Sumrall MS DuBose

Sumrall MS DuBose GR020 2 years

Dubose right profile 2 years

Sumrall MS DuBose GR020 age 2 – built like a tank!


Sumrall MS DuBose GR020 age 2 face closeup


DuBose offspring with Yokeley’s Summer Thyme age 1 week. Built like their sire.