Thank you for visiting! This is the Home Page for Guinea Hog Books and Information, a site to share accurate information about Guinea Hogs and their genetics and to support and promote books and research by Cathy R. Payne, EdD. The costs of running this page are supported by sales of publications in the webstore. Costs include annual and monthly expenses including web hosting, a webmaster, mailchimp, plugins, service for the store, dropbox, research, and more. Donations and/or purchases are gratefully accepted and encouraged. You can support Cathy’s work and contributions to breed knowledge by shopping at the Guinea Hog Books Store or at the Aerio Store. The webstore is the only way to get autographed copies outside of a signing event.

Cathy is a researcher, former farmer and breeder, historian, and author of Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Breed, published in 2019. Cathy has been a member of the American Guinea Hog Association (AGHA) since 2013 and a member of The Livestock Conservancy since 2010. Currently, she is a “Friends of the AGHA” member, one who does not breed hogs or have voting privileges. She strongly promotes the maintenance of an active breed association and an accurate herd book. She also believes in careful selection and registration of sound representatives of the breed, using a historical perspective to preserve characteristics that have had centuries in the making.

Please consider purchasing registered hogs if you are just getting started, and plan to do the extra work regarding paperwork and selection to help the breed move forward. Without breeders willing to do this, the breed cannot succeed for years to come. If you want to learn more about the bloodlines introduced in Saving the Guinea Hogs, you’ve come to the right place. The pedigree gallery allows to you see representatives of various bloodlines and match the visual look to the hog’s pedigree. This can be invaluable when you are choosing your breeding stock. Come back frequently to see what has been added or updated on the site. Cathy depends on breeders to voluntarily allow her to publish this information for public view. She is also interested in having guest bloggers or interviewing farmers and breeders and linking to your website. If you would like your hog and pedigree to be included, contact Cathy at guineahogbooks@gmail.com.

Piglets out of Yokeley’s Summer Thyme by Sumrall MS DuBose