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Publicity about activities for author Cathy R. Payne are organized below by video, audio, and written material. Each section is organized by date with the most recent content listed first. Click below to watch, hear, or read the content.

Video in the News

Video Podcast on “Between the Lines: Empowering Network” with Corine La Font. September 30, 2019

Book Trailer for Saving the Guinea Hogs, released 03/15/2019 by Cathy R. Payne September 14, 2019

Normal Books YouTube1Author Payne reads from Saving the Guinea Hogs May 19, 2019

Normal Books YouTube2 Author Payne Talks about Heritage Breeds May 19, 2019

Normal Books YouTube3 Author Payne Q&A with Audience May 19, 2019

Saving the Guinea Hogs- Now in Demand YouTube for IndieGoGo February 2019

“Five Strategies to Protect your favorite Breed” presentation by Donna Dorminey and Cathy R. Payne for The Livestock Conservancy’s 40th Annual Conference November 2017

“Guinea Hogs Lost and Found: A Recent History” YouTube by Bradley Austin for IndieGoGo July 2017

“Hogs with Heart Writing Project” YouTube for IndieGoGo December, 2014

“Help Save Heritage Livestock Breeds” Vimeo for IndieGoGo by Abijeet Achar July 2013

Podcast Interviews in the News – Audio

Pastured Pigs Podcast with Troy McClung #24 Saving the Guinea Hogs with Cathy Payne October 29, 2019

Mother Earth News and Friends Podcast #69 Heritage Pigs September 12, 2019

Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast Episode 08/26/2019 Starting a farm business and a writing career in later life that supports her passion. Cathy R. Payne’s story.

Tractor Time Podcast Episode 31 Rodale Institute and Interview with Cathy R. Payne Author of Saving the Guinea Hogs June 2019

“American Guinea Hogs” Anarcho-Yakitalims Podcast by Nick Hazelton June 3, 2015

Permaculture Voices Podcast with Diego Footer Episode 86 Raising American Guinea Hogs  October 31, 2014

Permaculture Voices Podcast with Diego Footer Episode 10 2013 Heritage Breed Livestock Farming Later in Life September 2013

Newspaper/Magazine/Blog in the News

Author! Author! Boomer Writers Abound;” Boom Athens Magazine Fall, 2019

AcresUSA “Book of the Week” June 26, 2019

AcresUSA Author Interview Cathy R. Payne, author of Saving the Guinea Hogs June 27, 2019

“Very Friendly Guinea Hogs act like Dogs” Elberton Star May 2019

“HerStory Cathy R. Payne” Ladies Homestead Gathering Blog by Willa Beth Smith April 23, 2018

“Triple Dawg Raising Hawgs” Ampersand Magazine January 11, 2018

“America has a Bacon Problem: Our Pigs aren’t fat Enough” Wall Street Journal, by Julie Wernau July 28, 2017

“How’d you become a Farmer?: Cathy Payne” Daily Dirt, Georgia Organics, by Claire Maxwell October 9, 2014

“How you can Help a Heritage Breed, the Guinea Hog” Tender Grassfed Meat blog by Stanley A. Fishman August 5, 2013

“Becoming a Grass-fed Farmer” by Stanley A. Fishman for Tender Grassfed Meat blog September 2011