Baylis Linebred Hogs

J. Frank Baylis bred Guinea Hogs at Bayshore Kennel and Barn in Toms Brook, Virginia. He obtained an old linebred herd from an eighty-one-year-old Alabama breeder in 1982. That breeder had kept them all his life. J. Frank also raised other rare breeds. He kept a closed herd of Guinea Hogs and never brought in new stock for the twelve years he raised them. He told me they were inbred for that reason. His selection criteria demanded short-nosed hogs with a “really nice short face.” He liked hairy hogs, including those with long curly locks. Because of inbreeding, he told me, he had minor white bands on back feet on occasion. He culled for that trait. He liked short legs and a “lot of body” with a v-shaped head. He wanted an extremely hairy small, powerful pig with a good head.

Hogs since 2006 bred from Baylis stock (descendants of Baylis VA Samson) were given the prefix VA by Shirley Sullivan. However, that tradition was apparently not continued by those who bred stock from those offspring. Descendents of Baylis VA Samson are friendly, muscular, powerful hogs with a good disposition, high fertility, large litters, with occasional white noses or foot markings if bred to Setty lines or other Baylis line hogs.

Sullbar VA ML Porgy