Sullbar VA ML Porgy

Bullbar VA ML Porgy is both the grandson and the great-grandson of Baylis Samson, an original foundation hog of the AGHA. Porgy was a very slow-growing boar who did not demonstrate his potential body type before age 3. It was a dramatic change, and typical for this line, with massive shoulders and hams. The Baylis line tends to show more “mane,” as well. The original bloodlines at J. Frank Baylis’s farm came from an elderly breeder in Alabama who was selling out. He had raised them all his life. J. Frank sold him to a teaching farm. Shirley Sullivan and Jim Barnett of Sullbar Farm in New Hampshire purchased Baylis Samson when he was about 14 years old after “borrowing” him in the off-season for breeding. He was put down at age 17 and produced until the end. Shirley reports that Porgy looks like his great-grandsire. Present owners Kate and Christian Spinillo of Ham Sweet Farm in Williamston, Michigan consider Porgy to be a gentle giant and easy to manage.

Sullbar VA ML Porgy age 2




Sullbar ML Porgy age 2.5, going through a growth spurt

Sullbar VA ML Porgy age 3 or 4 years, with some offspring in Michigan.

Sullbar ML Porgy age 8 years+ December, 2021
Sulbar ML VA Samson at age 9 years–November 7, 2022