Biggers Linebred Hogs

Bill Biggers said that most of his herd had curly or wavy hair. Many linebred Biggers hogs do have a dense wavy or curly coat. Don Oberdorfer told me that Biggers Arthur was more “feral loking” than the Celesky or Setty Hogs. He had large shoulders and narrow hips “like a cartoon bulldog.” He told me that DNC Junior strongly favors his sire and liked to be scratched. He had a lot of personality.

Bill Biggers is in Bumpass, Virginia. One of his Guinea Hogs, Biggers Arthur, was obtained from an unknown breeder or zoo. He referred to his herd as Guinea Forest Hogs or African Forest Hogs. His hog Arthur may be from Roger Williams Park Zoo although their computerized records don’t have data that far back to confirm. At age two (around 2002) Arthur was sold to Don Oberdorfer, a founder of the American Guinea Hog Association. Mated to Celesky’s Tulip, he produced the first hogs registered into the registry in 2006. For the first several years his offspring DNC George was unofficially registered. His number was NR002 for “not registered.” Later he was officially added to the registry because his offspring and both parents were registerable. DNC Junior, still living at Dodge Nature Center in St. Paul, is a full sibling to DNC George. Other full siblings from the 2002 litter were DNC Penelope, and DNC Bertha, both sold to John Ross, Jr. DNC George was owned by Stephen Brothers and later sold to Arie McFarlen. The boar was used to save the Sumrall lineage by breeding him to Sumrall Bobbie Sue to produce Maveric Charles Sm3. Seventeen-year-old DNC George is alive but retired at the new Maveric Ranch in Alabama.

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