Hesters Linebred Hogs

Annette Hesters began raising Guinea hogs in Walkerton, Indiana in 1987, using stock from Marcia Read of Old Orchard in Stockton Farm in Pennsylvania. After saving two gilts from her first boar, she replaced him with one from Dan and Shirley Hale in Plainwell, Michigan in 1993. One outside “Virginia” gilt was obtained from Donna Watkins in Lexington, Illinois in 1990. Annette then maintained a closed herd until 2005. Annette preferred smaller hogs that matured to under 150 pounds at age 3. In 2005, she traded her Hale boar, Mork, a linebred sow, Petunia,  Petunia’s sibling Peter, and Carlos to Arie McFarlen at Maveric Heritage Ranch.  Annette received a Brothers boar from Arie out of DNC George and DNC Esmerelda’s litter born 07/26/2005 and two gilts sired by SCZ Bullwinkle. Possible dams for these gilts were Brothers Penny, Brothers Chunky 2, and Brothers Patti (Pearl). These were three litters farrowed July, 2005 that Arie had recently purchased from Stephen and Hollie Brothers in South Dakota. In 2016, Annette transferred ownership of 11 hogs from her line 35+ years in the making to Becky Mahoney of Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead Farm in Macy, Indiana. These hogs were sired by the Maveric boar out of the Maveric girls plus an Old Read Sow that held bloodlines from Iggy and Ziggy, along with the Virginia gilt named Ginger. Becky maintained the herd during the AGHA’s Genetic Recovery process, tracking pedigrees, culling, and following strict selection procedures for temperament and to maintain the smaller size indicative of Hester’s stock. These hogs are now being dispersed throughout the country, along with the rich diversity of bloodlines. Kirk Fackrell at Cascade Meadows Farm in Sandy, Oregon purchased Hesters offspring in 2006 directly from Arie. Offspring from those pigs carry genetics from Read, “Virginia Ginger” (possibly Baylis), and Hale.

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Hesters Petunia