BRP MS Jackson’s Pride AGHA 8463

BRP MS Jacksons Pride

BRP MS Jackson’s Pride, age 2 years

Jackson’s Pride is mixed lines with Genetic Recovery lineage from Sumrall MS DuBose. DuBose has the preferred Sumrall build with round shoulders and round hips. Legs are a bit low to the ground and sturdy. Hair is straight. His nose favors the VAZ Conway and CHF Jolene side of the family passed down by the Sumrall Shirley sow. The muscular body type comes from Sumrall MS DuBose, the Genetic Recovery hog in his pedigree whose great-great-great granddam is Sumrall Bobbie Sue. His temperament, so sweet and floppy, comes from Yokeley’s Summer Thyme and her ancestors. Yokeley’s Summer Thyme offspring tend to love belly rubs, are easily trainable, and have calm dispositions. Jackson’s Pride is owned by Sam King of Hallowed Acres Farm in Woodbury, Georgia. Sam is thoughtful and careful in the selection of breeding stock.

BRP MS Jackson’s Pride Pedigree DOB 05/15/2017 COI 5.9% AGHA 8463