BRP MS Muddy Waters

BRP MS Muddy waters is out of my first breeding of Sumrall MS Swanee Rose. She was bred to BRP Gershwin, a young Biggers linebred boar who was a good match in size for the young Swanee Rose. The litter offspring had an 8.6 percent Coefficient of Inbreeding. From Gershwin, Muddy Waters inherited a very thick and curly coat of hair. From the Baylis side carried by Sullbar VA ML Porgy, he is likely to develop massive shoulders as he matures. LSF Bess, Maveric Hansel, and Maveric Sadie all had very round barrel shaped body types and noses a bit on the shorter side. I expect Muddy Waters to express and carry this trait. The MS indicates his connection to Sumrall’s Bobbie Sue. His progeny should carry the same name marker going forward. BRP MS Muddy Waters is owned by Jessica Creighton at Freer Prospects Farm in Roxboro, NC. Jessica’s last name may be changing, as she is having a wedding!

BRP MS Muddy Waters has a very curly coat that is highly hereditary. On his pedigree, I am familiar with his parents, grandparents, and the VAZ, Sullbar, and Udder Hope great grandparents. The curly coat was apparent in VAZ John Henry, LSF Bess, and BRP Gershwin. Muddy Waters’ sister, BRP MS Rosetta, has a softer wave to her coat.

Muddy Waters is a gentle boar, friendly and easy to manage. He will lay down for a belly rub, but is not particularly “floppy.” He knows his job and performs well.




BRP MS Muddy Waters, age 7 months


BRP MS Muddy Waters, age 10 months


BRP MS Muddy Waters, 18 months


BRP MS Muddy Waters, 19 months


A very curly-coated BRP MS Muddy Waters, 20 months