BRP MS Sister Rosetta AGHA 8414


BRP MS Sister Rosetta AGHA 8414 was born to Sumrall MS Swanee Rose at Broad River Pastures farm. She is the from Swanee Rose’s first litter.  Sumrall MS DuBose was only 3 months old when Swanee Rose was bred, so we used a young boar, BRP Gershwin, who was later butchered. Gershwin was a cross between Sullbar VA ML Porgy and LSF Bess, of mixed Biggers and Setty lineage. The greatly doubled Biggers influence produced curly haired VAZ John Henry with a very curly coat. His daughter, LSF Bess, had a very curly coat, and her son Gershwin had a very curly coat. Sister Rosetta grew a wavy coat without tight curls. She has a very nice shape to her head, and a sweet expression that makes her very photogenic. Her body type is inherited from her sire and her dam. At 12 months, Sister Rosetta was 1/4 larger than her 2 year old dam. She does not develop large udders like her dam but does produce rich milk that grows fast growing, well built piglets. She is a full sibling to BRP MS Muddy Waters owned by Jessica Creighton, BRP MS Atticus owned by Ashley Gonzalez, and BRP MS Susanna owned by Matt Hunker. Sister Rosetta was sold to Jessica Creighton at Freer Prospects Farm when Broad River Pastures closed in 2018. I used to sing Oh, Rosetta by Mary Chapin Carpenter to her during my morning feeding chores. The song is about her namesake “Sister” Rosetta Tharpe. She is a real sweetie and a well built, sturdy sow.


Rosetta1yrrofilebwGRosetty1yrTurnGSister Rosetta face forward closeup 18 mosSister Rosetta Face Profile 18 mosSister Rosetta Full Profile 18 mos