Mixed Pedigrees with Original Lines Only

Pedigrees with mixed lines will have a variety of foundation lines in the pedigree. Litters from two hogs with mixed lines are likely to be very varied in phenotype and personality. In my herd, though, if parents had different temperaments they tended to get temperament from the dam. In mixed lines you could have everything from curly to straight hair, long to medium noses, long or short legs, thin or bulky body type, solid black to white feet, etc. This page features lines from the original herds and will not include Sumrall Bobbie Sue, Setty Blackbart, Setty Lucky, or Brown’s Blue Boy or these hogs’ descendents in the pedigree.

If you select a piglet of the type you like that tends to favor a particular ancestor and cross it to one more related to that ancestor, you are likely to get more of that phenotype and those genes expressed in those litters. This is where the pedigree gallery will be quite useful. See what you like, and what you prefer less, and then study pedigrees to learn more about the mixes.

A large number of the hogs registered will be in this category, and I would like to post several examples. If you are interested in posting your hog(s) here, please email me for information needed to do this at guineahogbooks@gmail.com. Thank you!

Yokeley’s Summer Thyme 3656

LSF Mayzie 0185