GSHF Julia Child

Registration for GSHF Julia Child 1123 – High on Setty line with Biggers Arthur as a moderate to heavy influence.
Inbreeding in this hog is quite high. Because of unknown ancestors the percentage computed is not accurate. Setty Rose and Setty Houdini are full siblings. DNC Chunky is offspring of Rose and Houdini. DNC Gabriella is a half-sibling to Biggers Arthur and to DNC George. Every hog in this pedigree is closely related to ever other hog except Biggers Arthur.
Biggers Arthur is sire to DNC George, who appears twice on the pedigree.
Foundation hogs in the pedigree are (Setty) Setty Houdini, Setty Rose, Celesky’s Tulip, and (Biggers) Biggers Arthur.