Yokeley’s Summer Thyme 3656

Author Cathy R. Payne with Yokeley’s Summer Thyme at four years with a litter by DuBose. October, 2017
Summer Thyme’s registration was transferred to Kimberley Parker but she is now living with Shannon Englehart in Georgia at Sleepy Eye Homestead
Founders in her pedigree include Biggers Arthur, Celesky’s Tulip, Setty Rose, Setty Houdini, Celesky’s Boris, and Celesky’s Roxanne. Except for Biggers Arthur, She is influenced by the Setty Genetics. She is probably most accurately described as Setty line.

Playing Favorites

I loved all of my breeding Guinea Hogs at Broad River Pastures, but Summer Thyme was the offspring of the first two Guinea Hogs I ever met. I was invited to meet Bacon’s August, 2013 litter on September 2. The little “bacon bits” were only 3 days old. So Yokeley’s Summer Thyme was my first “favorite.” I always referred to her as my favorite sow, because she had such a sweet and gentle temperament around people and her offspring were often early floppers.

Summer Thyme was less patient with her peers. She was definitely the dominant sow in the pasture. Being over five feet long and of ample girth at age four, the other sows respected her. Summer’s breeding is heavy on Setty/Celesky bloodlines with a smidgeon of Biggers Arthur in there. She is solid black with no white markings and I don’t recall her every having white marked piglets. She did have some litters with red highlights. One gilt turned bright red at around seven months, then faded back to black before being processed.

Summer Thyme is currently living with Shannon Engelhart.

Yokeley’s Summer Thyme age 4 years
I love her forward facing ears, moderate snout, straight back, single curl in tail, and wide hips.
Offspring of Yokeley’s Summer Thyme by Sumrall MS DuBose
Offspring of Yokeley’s Summer Thyme by Sumrall MS DuBose
Young piglets often scatter when approached by strangers, even when eating. These six-week-old pigs have never seen a child before. They even tolerate the running toddler. This is the temperament we get from Yokeley’s Summer Thyme. One of the gilts here is BRP MS Ma Rainey. She learned to sit on command when she was five weeks old.