Setty / Celesky Linebred Hog Pedigrees

Setty lines are from hogs owned by Randy Setty in Ohio around 2002 to 2004. The origin of his herd is unknown. It is not likely that he was a long-time breeder of the hogs. He was selling out at the time, and also raised Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs. The Setty hogs are reknowned for calm temperaments and often a love for belly rubs. They tend to flop a bit. Mark Celesky purchased hogs from Randy Setty, so the Celesky and Setty hogs are family. In addition, Mark may have traded for a hog or two from Donna Watkins in Illinois, providing some diversity. Mark only had two litters born from his stock, but he traveled and traded hogs with other early breeders so he could have piglets for display and pig races at a Pumpkin Patch in Nebraska.

There was no American Guinea Hog Association at this time, and nobody was tracking pedigrees. Mark provided hogs to zoos but the pedigrees of those Celesky named hogs are unknown, since he traded with Paul Krumm, Kevin Fall, and zoos.

Setty hogs tend to be large, barrel-shaped types that gain weight readily. They do well on pasture. Free feeding can be a disaster for them. Setty hogs related to Setty MC Little Old Stiff Guy tend to throw some offspring with more forward facing ears than is typical in Guinea Hogs.

Please contact me if you have photographs to include here or information about inheritable traits in linebred Setty hogs.

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