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These plans include designs for a portable, light weight, inexpensive but effective PVC gate that slips over a standard step-in post. It was invaluable to me at Broad River Pastures, and worked well for sheep and hogs. Why use a gate? Several reasons! First of all, it helped us avoid tripping, slipping on the mud, coming down on a moving animal, and help us avoid an injury. It is essential for anyone with temporary or permanent injury to hips, knees, feet, or ankles. Second, it allows you to enter a pen while pulling a wagon full of hay or straw into a penned in area. In rainy weather or during farrowing, this is a lifesaver. We don’t all have strong backs or arm strength. Third, it allows for easy moving between breeding animals. My breeding stock all learned their names. With a pig board barrier, an assistant and a gate, I was able to enter a pen with multiple sows, call the one I wanted to breed by name, open the gate, and lead her to the boar. Easy peasy. Who doesn’t want a little easy on the farm?

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