Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Hog


It’s been a while since I posted anything. For that, I apologize. However, I have been writing in my Scrivener manuscript program, not on this blog. Writing, writing, writing! The title above is the new title of my book. I loved my working title, but this one was chosen by votes from both pig breeders and general readers. It was pointed out that the title should let readers know, when scanning book shelves, what the book is about. So I started with about 15 titles including the original, then trimmed it down to four favorite titles including the original. In the end I combined the two favorites to craft one that seemed to cover all the bases.

For those just coming to the page, this book will be the first ever written entirely on the subject of American Guinea Hogs. It tells the history of the hogs from around the Civil War to 2018. I conducted about fifty interviews, reviewed archival written records, reviewed articles and studies, and my own personal journey. You will hear word-for-word stories from old time breeders, recovery stories from 2002-2006 and from 2015-2017 from the breeders who made it happen. I am sure that you will learn something new and surprising. I’ve had several interviews in the last two months that were new and surprising to me, so I can pretty much guarantee it.

This website’s pedigree gallery will serve as a companion to the book, in order to keep costs of publishing to a minimum. I’ll need to depend on readers with hogs to provide photographs, information, and copies of registration papers for the gallery. My hope is to provide and invaluable tool to help breeders choose the lines of stock they prefer and to use the conservation strategies they are most drawn to. By having many breeders making various strategic breeding decisions, the breed will benefit and thrive.

As of right now, I should be on target to release the ebook on March 15th. The paperback version should follow within a month or so, and a hardcover copy after that if I can afford it. So March, April, and May will be buzzing with activity here. I’m very close to hiring an editor, and have a formatter and indexer on call. The hand held copies will have an index. I am still looking for a cover designer. I had a photo shoot late in 2017 that will serve as cover art. If there is demand for an audio book, that will be released in the fall.

It will be immensely helpful if you, my faithful readers, buy early and leave an honest Amazon review as soon as possible. This will drive traffic and get the book featured more prominently. I’ll be posting when the ebook is on sale off and on within the first ninety days. Until mid-June, the ebook will be exclusively sold on Amazon. The soft and hardcover copies will be on Amazon, on this website (most profits for me), in land-based book stores, etc. Wholesale pricing will be available for lots of twenty.

I am very pleased to share this story with the world so anyone can learn about the history of this marvelous hog and the people who have loved it. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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