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Launch Day is Here!

This book has been a long time coming—after over five years of interviews, pouring over archival data, recording and transcribing, intensive internet searches, seeking contact information on possible sources, and slowly but surely piecing it all together in a coherent story.

The print books are still about a month away from readiness, as I work with an interior book designer and an indexer to put the finishing touches on them. The e-book is live today, at the lowest price Amazon allows based on the size of the file. It will stay at that price for the next ten days and then slowly creep up. By April 15th it will be at the regularly listed price of $9.99. Each kindle book has a link inside with a coupon code good until the end of July. That will allow you to make a one time purchase from my webstore for 20% off the total. I’ll get pre-orders of the print copies up and running today.

Thank you for signing up for this newsletter. I hope you will get your copy of the book and learn more about this amazing homestead breed. I learned so much about the history that I think you will find fascinating, too.

Once you’ve had a chance to read the book, please leave a review on Amazon. This determines rankings, and books with higher rankings are more often recommended to shoppers. You can purchase and/or review your book here:

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