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Each day, I take time to focus on gratitude. As Thanksgiving approaches, our collective national consciousness moves to that realm. I am grateful for so many things this month. My family is in good health, we eat delicious, nutritious, food supplied by our local sustainable farmers. I have friends who keep in touch, access to telemedicine, and a comfortable home.

I am also grateful to my reading audience. You have been very supportive and responsive. Thank you for the 52 ratings on Amazon and almost as many reviews! Reviews help prospective readers decide whether to buy my book. Anyone can review the book on Amazon if they are an Amazon customer, regardless of where they purchase the book. I also appreciate reviews on Acres USA and on Barnes and Noble. Thank you to all of you! If you have not reviewed the book yet, this is a reminder to do that when you can. Thank you!

I’m also grateful to those of you who are expanding the research on Guinea Hogs. You continue to give me leads on elders who remember the hogs, leads on descendants of people mentioned in the book I did not locate, etc. I’m acquiring material for a more expansive history of the American Guinea Hog. I’m also getting amazing information from history buffs with excellent skills. Thank you, Tori, Matthew, Michael, and Andrew, for articles and snippets from archives dating 1804 to 1949 that are hugely increasing knowledge of how early the Guinea Hogs were kept in the southern United States and the esteem with which they were held. It’s been very amazing.

Gratitude Sale: From November 20 to November 30, use Code GRAT30 at checkout to get 30% off the softcover version of Saving the Guinea Hogs. That brings the softcover book down to $17.49, and it comes with autograph and free media mail shipping!

Seasonal Sale: Farrowing Ark and PVC Gate plans are reduced by $5 each until December 31, and the hardcover version of Saving the Guinea Hogs is reduced by $7 until December 10th. All books ordered from the online store can be autographed and personalized. They come with free media mail shipping and a shipping upgrade can be selected.

E-book Store: As soon as I overcome some technical challenges, the E-book version of Saving the Guinea Hogs can also be purchased directly from the online store. I plan to move PDF plans there, as well.

Farm Store Resale: Many of you are purchasing books at wholesale prices to resell at your farm store or to gift to people who purchase breeding stock from you. If it is time to reorder, or you would like more details on this, please contact me at

Podcast Alert: I will be a featured guest on Pioneering Today Podcast with Melissa K. Norris on Friday, November 27th. I hope you enjoy the episode. I believe it is episode #282. Melissa is a delight. You can find out more about her business and podcast here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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