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International Heritage Breeds Week May 16-May 22, 2021


The Importance of International Heritage Breeds Week

Each year in May, as my birthday and Memorial Day are approaching, I prepare to share
information about heritage breeds and to highlight International Heritage Breeds Week. 
The first Heritage Breeds Week was a national effort by The Livestock Conservancy across
the United States in May, 2015. At the time, I was raising several breeds monitored by 
this organization, whose mission is "To protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds 
from extinction." Since 1977, The Livestock Conservancy has succeeded in that mission.
Worldwide, one heritage livestock breed becomes extinch each month, according to the Food 
and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. However, no heritage breeds have been 
lost in the United States since The Livestock Conservancy was started.

The first Heritage Breeds Week was so successful that it is now an annual international 
event with a consortium of eighteen partners around the world. This "event" is actually a 
series of events around the world. All stewards and advocates of heritage livestock are 
called to participate. I have enthusiastically answered this call every year since the event 
began, and this year is no different. In the month of May I have given interviews to 
AP journalists, given guided tours on my farm, given live talks in my community, written blog
posts like this one, and discussed the topic as a podcast guest. For several years I have 
hosted a Facebook fundraiser for The Livestock Conservancy around the time of my birthday. 
I encourage those who support this cause to think about what you can do thisweek and in the 
upcoming years to help. I generally begin planning in January. Of course, I support heritage 
breeds fifty-two weeks of the year through writing, working, speaking, and monetary support.
I have been a member since 2010 and have contracted part-time work for the organization since 
January 3, 2019.

This year, on May 17, the United States Postal Service is releasing a series of heritage breed stamps
to highlight ten of the heritage breeds, and a celebration to commemorate this event will be held 
at George Washington's Mount Vernon. 

When I talk about the heritage breeds, I emphasize the biodiversity that each breed has and how 
preserving genetics could save us from a future food crisis. I also share stories about the unique 
characteristics of animals developed to fit a unique niche in place and time over centuries. 
These animals have fed us,clothed us, carried us on their backs, pulled out wagons on the Oregon Trail,
and were the pride of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They've helped plow and fertilize our 
land, lit our lamps, greased our wagon wheels, and more. As a nation, we protect our national resources, 
historic neighborhoods and buildings, and our national parks. The heritage breeds are, as the name 
suggests, part of our heritage, our culture, and our history. I want my grandchildren and my 
great-grandchildren to have a chance to see or own the same heritagebreeds that I had the pleasure 
to steward. 

You do not need to raise livestock or poultry to help this cause. You can join or donate to 
The Livestock Conservancy, share information with your friends, purchase fiber or fiber products 
made from heritage breeds,purchase meat or eat at restaurants that feature heritage meat, buy 
heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving, host a Facebook fundraiser, and more.

I am offering a sale on all three versions of my book Saving the Guinea Hogs in celebration of 
this special ocassion. You may want to purchase the softcover from The Livestock Conservancy Store.
It will not be on sale on my website until May 22. I will sell it for $19.99 from May 22-June 5. 
The hardcover book is on sale for $27.99 at my ecommerce store May 16-June 5. Both print books include 
free USPS media mail shipping with tracking. They are autographed and can be personalized by request. 
The Ebook is on sale for just $2.99 May 16-June 5. 

Thank you for whatever you do to support heritage breeds and the organization whose mission is 
to save them from extinction! 

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